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Phrases to Share in Portuguese


One facing application that appreciation for people to read and share phrases with your friends and family. In this version all the sentences are in Portuguese.It's possible to spend hours and hours reading and pondering phrases and thoughts of famous authors like Albert Einstein, George C. Marshall, Voltaire, Henry Ford, Aristotle, Thomas A. Edison, Isaac Newton, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Charles Chaplin , Paulo Coelho, Steve Jobs and many others, in addition to unknown authors. You can also see illustrious personages of phrases and quotes that are or have been part of childhood for many people during the lunch hour in SBT as Don Ramón Keys, Chapolin Colorado. In the category Singers (as) it is possible to find sentences artists like: Weeping Charlie Brown Jr., Renato Russo, Cassia Eller, Cazuza, Bob Marley, Raul Seixas.If you are looking for fun the same is provided to the user hours ideas and simply fun phrases with Mason sung, trucks phrases, indirect, ENEM pearls (National Secondary Education Examination), trickster phrases and funny phrases and many sentences of humor and simple jokes. For those who search beyond smart and funny phrases you can also find this application for phrases to wish happy birthday to your friends, children, relatives and companions. Now if you're in love or loving the application did not fall behind, it provides various phrases and small love poems and reflections on it, is a great choice for Valentine's Day which is celebrated in Brazil on June 12 or February 14 with countries such as Portugal and many others.If you want to wish a happy Mother's Day or Father's Day for your mother, father or someone you consider how, in this application you will find pretty words and poems to be read, sent or shared this date so special that should be celebrated every day . In addition to providing reading in your your device is also possible to share the sentences or thoughts with others through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Gmail, WhatsApp, e-mail or other form of share existing information I your device.Do not be shy to send a person you misses any message be it funny, romantic or simply distracted. If you have any idea or suggestion contact us because maybe next version of this idea is already deployed in the application.
If your Smart phone does not have much internal space is not worried, because now the application can be installed directly on your memory card (SD Card).